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EU says NO to Roaming Charges

03 April 2014

While you may of not personally ever received a £500+ monthly phone bill. I know more than a few people who have had these nasty supprises following a trip abroad (work or holiday). Typically when they've been using social networks, or sending picture messages. 

With luck Dec 2015 will see the end of this money making scheme where companies cross charge consumers to roam across their international networks. In 2013 the EU ruled to cap charges; and now they are planning to totaly scrap roaming charges. Here's the headlines:

Electronic communication in Europe could become significantly cheaper and more efficient, under rules to be voted on by MEPs on 3 April. Internet providers would no longer be able to block or slow down internet services provided by their competitors and "roaming charges" for using your phone in another EU country would be abolished starting from 15 December 2015.

In the UK Three is already providing free roaming via the Three Feel at Home; countries are: Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Republic of Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the USA. Coupled with their competitive packates I feel Three make a very compelling proposition ... made hard to ignore if you visit  the countries in the roaming arrangements.

Two Factor Authentication

25 March 2014

Tumbler is the lastest online service to provide two factor authentication.  Google has been providing two factor authentication since Feb 2011. Anyone using online services should really thinking about how secure they need them to be. Over the coming years this level of security, will become the norm. 

I also see the  popularity of oAuth further increasing. This is where you log into a service and use another login provider to authenticate who you are (eg. facebook or google) . Coupling the two provides a simple and secure platform to authenticate across a wide number of sites. 


Working late eye care

07 March 2014

Working late on the computer then how about some free eye care advice.

For some time i've been using TWILIGHT on my Android phone. It makes reading on the phone far easier late at night ... the screen just isn't quite so startling & bright.

If your MAC based here's the recomended app:



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